Zven and Mithy leave Origen

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Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen and Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez are leaving Origen, according to a statement from the team. cropped (Screenshot from Twitter) Both players have been with Origen since it was founded in December 2014. During their time on the squad, they went from the 2015 EU Challenger Series Spring champions to reaching the semifinals of Worlds, to first place at IEM San Jose. The team dealt with some difficulties in the 2016 Spring Split, finishing fourth place in the regular season with an 11-7 record, despite being seen as a serious contender for first entering the split. However, they managed to overcome some of those challenges in playoffs and finished in second after dropping the Grand Finals 3-1 to G2 Esports. In Origen’s statement, they mention negotiations with the unnamed team looking to acquire Zven and Mithy, saying “negotiations were long and very hard, but last night we finally did reach an agreement, so now we can announce that Mithy and Zven will not furtherly stay with us. It is a sad situation, because two comrades are leaving, and hard because we had no time to find two really good players to replace them.” Zven played AD carry for Origen and during the recent split he had a 3.8 KDA in the regular season and 4.1 during the playoffs. Mithy played support and managed 1.49 wards per minute as well as 0.39 wards cleared per minute. It has not yet been announced who is replacing them.

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